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About Salvador

San Salvador de Bahía of all the Saints, known internationally as Salvador de Bahía or simply Bahía, was the capital of Brazil until 1763, when the capital transferred to Rio, and later to Brasilia. Its origin is closely related to Bahía, due to its location and the harbor activity that brought the city prosperity as well as rapid growth.
Salvador quickly became a very important center for the entire Atlantic coast of the South American continent until the 18th century, when it was sacked several times and its prominence waned. At the present time, Salvador de Bahía gives the impression of a renewed and updated city. With many tourist attractions, despite not having the animation and peculiarities of Sao Paulo or Rio, it is a favorite destination among Brazilian and foreign beach-goers. Nowadays it is possible to find many package tours from America or Europe; there are many options for a summery stay in this city.
Salvador de Bahía’s beaches make it one of the main centers of tourism for all Brazil, but it also possesses a visible cultural and ethnic tradition. The music you hear is local and is closely related to the history and the people of Salvador, while there are numerous dance halls, concerts and theaters.
The beaches of Salvador are internationally renowned, and although it is seen as a city for sun-worshippers, the beach is not the only point of interest. Its carnival, although smaller than Rio’s, is just as dynamic. Salvador de Bahía is characterized by its vast number of avenues, a metaphorical point of contact between numerous cultures: American, African, European and even Asian. This translates into an ethnic wealth that has left its mark on the city in the form of liberal social values; that, and the colonial splendor of long ago, fills the city’s architecture and spirit with a unique quality that earned in the status of Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO. It is said that in Salvador there is a church for every day of the year; this becomes obvious when exploring the enchantment of its streets, listening to the daily local hustle and bustle, and from the number of religious buildings. This city has everything—celebration, culture, religion, diversion and relaxation—a pleasure for the senses.
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